Measurement of success

What is success?? Is it the fame and glory? Being nr 1 according to some panel of judges? We have a way to measure most things in life, a cup of sugar and a spoon full of honey. We can even measure a 1/301 of an octave with what they call “savart”. It’s actually quite an amazing scale, it is an interval that separates two of the same notes. Again music speaks more than words ever can, for me the savart can be seen as  that small unexplainable thing that keeps two people apart. 

Let me get back to my big question. How do we measure the most important things in life? Love- we have all had someone (I truly hope) that responded with I love you more, when you said those magic words. Whether it was just a friend or someone you loved more deeply. 

What is success and how can we say that we are or aren’t successful? What if the guy that begs for money is actually the best vocal artist that will ever walk this earth, but he chooses to only sing for those special people that crosses his path? He will never be on the billboard charts, but he is a actually a whole lot better than the guy that sold his soul to fit the croud. 

Lately I have been questioning life, in a deeply I don’t know who I am way . On the one hand I love what I do, I love every thing about it. It’s chaotic, it has more mysteries than I ever thought, constant new things happening. It’s challenging in a way that keeps you on your toes, away from the over thinking. 

My challenge is, I don’t know if I am actually making an impact, I am not changing lives or saving some helpless kid. 

I am being selfish.

But then again, how can I be selfish if I do what I love? 

Rantings of a busy mind rules again. 

Success is being happy. Happy in all aspects of life. Being happy with being single, being happy with your career. But most important being happy with who you truly are. The real you.


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