Respect for ingredients 

“Respect is one of the greatest expressions of love” 

I am fortunate enough to work with some of the most amazing ingredients. I have noticed though that there has always been some kind of lack of respect for even a “simple” ingredient like an onion. 

This makes me extremely upset. Every ingredient is a gift from the earth to us. It starts out by being a humble seed, and there goes a lot of effort into growing ingredients. People take time and pride to grow them. They invest their time into making the soil a perfect growing environment, they feed and nurture this simple onion. Did you know that your average onion takes about 100 – 175 days to grow? So why do we see this as “just an onion”.

Let me just say, I don’t get upset easily. But then you see things, that kills your soul just a little bit. It makes you cringe, and your heart stop for a second. 

So what started the whole me being upset thing? It started with the truffles, and no not the chocolate ones. I will have to go back to the very beginning. How do we find truffles and why are they so expensive????

I read this article that says is beautifully, truffles grow in symbiotic relationships which mean that they give and take. Kind of like we are. They need such specific soil to grow in, the Ph level needs to be perfect. They don’t just grow anywhere, they are a bit snobby. They hide underneath the ground, and are delicate treasures that are found. They don’t flaunt their beauty like a flower, they stay  hidden away from the outside world. When you look at a truffle for the first time, they seem odd. Then you smell them, and it’s in your face. It is robust and delicate and knocks you off your feet. In my mind it feels like they have this multitude of personalities. 

And then you find them scattered around the freezer, like they have been discarded to the pigs. Gems like these are hard to find, so why would you not give them the respect they need? 

I am still very new in the industry, and i beg of you. Treat every single ingredient with the respect it deserves. Always remember that mother nature hands us a lot of gifts, and all she asks in return is just for you to show gratitude. Every time you handle any ingredient, think of how it got to be in your hands at that moment.  It’s your duty to handle it with the necessary respect. 



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