Why are you smiling?

When you can’t stop the edges of your mouth from almost tearing away at your cheeks, that’s when you have discovered the fantasy of what the world calls happiness.  But this time it’s not just my libra fake smile to the world. It’s real.

So we make this one gorgeous dish that looks like a sunflower, to make this we use baby carrots, slice them paper thin, and roll them up in these perfect little petals. So you need to make about 30 of these tiny little petals, to make the flower that’s smaller than the size of your palm. So it takes time, and they need to make the perfect sharp edge. It’s time consuming, and it might be seen as a daunting task. But seeing this picture grow, petal by petal. It becomes something beautiful, well not beautiful but in a sense mesmerizing. Then just a few yellow or white petals, randomly placed, it’s perfectly imperfect. 

There are several components going into this small intricate dish. A thin layer of carrot gel, a perfect circle in the middle – removing that small center and evenly replacing it with a smooth carrot and orange purée. The carrot gel is then evenly spread with the double thick yuzu plain yogurt, which forms the canvas for the perfect petals. It’s like the flower met the sun for the first time. It’s love at first sight. 

Oh and yes i get distracted, lets get back to the smile. It’s like my heart won’t stop singing, there is permanently these songs playing their chorus in my head. And this dish is one of the reasons that I can’t stop smiling. I walk around in the kitchen and my Cheffie will ask me why am I smiling. Dear Chef, you and this kitchen are the reason. The reason I get excited like a kid in a candy store. So I can’t always tell you that. But thank you for taking that fake, painful smile and turning it into this beautiful bubbling explosion of true happiness.


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