“When passion meets inspiration, an obsession is born.”

henri cartier-bresson

It’s exactly like falling in love… the sweaty palms, racing heart, stars in your eyes and the desire to invest your heart and soul into this new “puppy love”. 

I walked into the almost magical kitchen, they were busy cleaning up after what seemed to be a rough Sunday lunch. But I could feel it, the music that was simply in my soul, the overwhelming rhythm of my heart and the grace and passion of my hero. You could feel the love! And in that moment my passion was back. And this time it was fierce! 

I was so nervous, what if she made a mistake. Why would I get this opportunity??? There is simply nothing special about me. So why me??? This is my year, 2017 will be the year that I will start believing in myself. 

My first day, the smell of the kitchen felt like a soothing hot bath on a cold winters day. The blanket in front of the fire place. A safe space. I know, how on earth can a smell be so comforting. But oh GOD how it comforts and scares me, all at the same time. 

This is where the obsession started. Working for someone where you can feel the passion and love even when they slice an onion – utterly contagious. Well I have a drop in the bucket compared to her. I eat, breath and sleep my career. It’s become part of my being, religion and way of life. Being a Chef is not supposed to be a job, it should awaken your soul.


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