The journey begins

It started out with me wanting to run away from responsibilities, and a relationship that was again not the so called one. An angry drunk that never admits she is wrong (yes she!! I am a gay women) On my way to dinner with an old colleague and friend, and maybe a glass of wine in my system. I decided. 

It was now or never!!! A have received a job offer from an incredible Chef, which I have said no too. I lost my passion in a sense, and I was deeply in love at the time. So why would I want to pack up my life again!! And move 1700km away from what has become my home. But in the 5 years since I worked as a student for her- she has always been my greatest influence and mentor. So I sent her a message. And miraculously the offer was still on the table!!!

A week later it was set in stone. And that’s how my new journey started…


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